The company NoviTech was founded in 2006 by Othmar Ruf in Salzburg, Austria. 20 years of experience with synthetic film form the basis of our success. We are specialized in PP-film and bio-degradable materials. For example we develop and produce genuine tire cases.

Customer satisfaction and service are our priorities.  We ensure that quality and safety-related activities are planned, controlled and monitored by the company. In this way, we meet the quality requirements of our customers as well as the applicable legal and official regulations.

We implement the “zero-error strategy”: Of more importance to us is error avoidance, rather than error detection.

In addition, our actions will help protect our environment from harmful influences. We see it as a commitment to all our fellow human beings to economize and act environmentally responsible.
Social commitment is also important to us: Since October 2015, we are supporting the Economy for the Common Good.
Our first record of the strict guidelines can be found at the end of this page.